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Virtual Pig Dissection

Excellent guided dissection of a fetal pig. Definitely more thorough than the other pig site I found, but it requires Shockwave Plug-in (not a bad idea, but might take a while to download on dial-up). And I'm not even convinced that the flashiness that the Shockwave Plug-in allows is necessary. But for those who like the motion and superfluous animation and such, it's perfect. Students interested in the technical aspects may also be interested to read the essay describing development of this site, here.

Virtual Pig Dissection

Simple black and white line-drawings, but well-labeled, with links to definitions. Not the most pretty thing to look at, but educational.

The Exploratorium's Cow's Eye Dissection

I had trouble with the primer (couldn't get it to open—apparently I don't have the software to unZIP files), but the actual step-by-step dissection is very well organized. No video, but the audio is very interesting, and the thumbnail photos can be enlarged for more thorough viewing. Pretty gruesome, but fascinating.

Insects in Motion: Cockroach Dissection

Cockroaches are pretty gross to begin with—just think about how gross it will be to see one dissected. Pictures, video, explanation. It's all here.

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