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Welcome to the Writing Room, where you can

Write Your Own Adventure

Have you ever heard of the Choose Your Own Adventure series? In a Choose Your Own Adventure book, after reading for a bit, the book would ask you what you wanted to do next, and send you to a certain page to continue reading. Well, here in the Writing Room, you don't just choose your own adventure, you get to Write Your Own Adventure!

When you read a story in the Writing Room, every couple of pages the story pauses, and you are asked what happens next. At this point, you can either choose a chapter that is already written, or decide to write your own. I suggest keeping the choices to three or four per page, but if you have an absolutely fantastic idea that you want to share, feel free to send it in.

Several stories have already been started, but feel free to start your own. Maybe you've got a great beginning, but don't know what to do with it. Or maybe you'd just like to share your great beginning with others, to see what they might do different. Or maybe you've got three different directions that you want to take your story in, and traditional writing makes you pick one. Well, at the Writing Room, you can let your story go in as many directions as you like.

Before you submit any writing to the Writing Room, I strongly suggest that you read our Submissions Policy.

Now that you have a general idea how the Writing Room works, why don't you check out what stories have been started in the Table of Contents. Or, if you're just dying to start your own story, go straight to the submission form.

And above all, read, write, and have fun!

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